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Web Filtering and Internet Filtering
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Integrating and supporting your Microsoft network or application server requires a clear understanding of the product and the best practices for its deployment.

Many organizations have experienced the pain of administrators that have hacked their way through a setup or migration. It works, but suffers from instability or doesn't enjoy the benefits of optimization and best practice configuration.

The solution is simple. Net-Noggin will deliver Official Microsoft Curriculum training for you, filling in the gaps from your school of hard knocks education. We specialize in "ah-ha!" moments as our students make the connection between what they've seen and the underlying principals and reasons behind things.

Our seasoned Microsoft Certified Trainers are practicing consultants that bring industry experience to the classroom. They provide best practice recommendations based on current industry trends. Our trainers connect the theoretical classroom environment with the real world, helping to ensure you have a thorough understanding of your Microsoft environment.

Specializing in onsite course delivery, Net-Noggin can even customize your course to address your live environment, helping administrators transition from course labs into production skills rapidly. By delivering courses at your location, Net-Noggin saves you time, travel expenses and provides additional convenience for your training experience. Your team will learn together and build upon one another's knowledge, strengthening the organization's overall capability.

Contact us to schedule your onsite Official Microsoft Curriculum Training or to discuss your team's specific training needs.

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Microsoft Official Curriculum Training

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